Our Vision

"Business Value Focus with technology services"

Our vision is to become the world’s leading Professional Service Network provider in China by ensuring that clients receive the world’s latest technological know-how and the best local expertise to advance their business in this dynamic global marketplace.

Our Business

"Delivering Sophisticated Technology Solutions"

IT Channel has established a solid proven track record of delivering sophisticated technology solutions to multinational corporate customers and local enterprises across a diverse range of industries.

As a Business Solutions Integrator, we provide a full suite of quality professional services:

  • Best-of-Market technology recommendation and implementation, especially in digital asset management, infrastructure consolidation and virtualization
  • Local Procurement and Global Deployment services for multinational corporations
  • Total Business Intelligent solutions helping customers maximize their business profits and returns from their IT investment
  • Security Risk Management; ensuring security systems really are 'secure' and infrastructures always operate at peak performance
  • Business Process Management and Business Continuity Planning: making sure the customer’s business is operating without interruptions
  • Large Scale Project Management and Operation Services Outsourcing
  • Contract Management: acting as an intermediary in managing business contracts with the rest of the world - invaluable for our Mainland China partners and customers as well as those who have relations with the Mainland
  • Intelligent Retail Management Solutions
  • Anti-Money Laundering and Log Management Solutions
  • Mobility Solutions

Our Team

IT Channel is managed by its founding partners, leaders of both the demand and supply sides of the IT industry and a close-knit team of senior IT executives. IT Channel draws on a talent-rich pool of dedicated professionals with impressive business credentials and in-depth technical know-how. Our clients are successful modern businesses that deserve the best and they appreciate our can-do attitude to everything that we do.

Armed with a finely tuned technology vision, depth of knowledge and experience, we continue to increase our operational excellence by nurturing our own professional teams.

IT Channel enjoys a well-established network as well as a wealth of experience in the IT industry worldwide, all backed by a solid track record in serving local and multinational clients in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China for two decades.

Why IT Channel?


Experienced local team of professional consultants, architects and engineers

Proven Track

Delivered 200+ projects in BI, data analytics, development, platforms ...


Software to hardware, desktop to servers, front-end apps to backend system


Rich industrial experiences accummulated from 200+ projects

Experienced Service Provider

20+ years leaderships
15+ years of project experiences


Strong partnership and relationship with famous vendors and suppliers