Peter Jung

Executive Director | Milton Exhibits Group

I would like to congratulate most sincerely on the occasion of the IT Channel. In today's global and highly competitive marketplace, all companies would need to rely heavily on information technology as it becomes an integral part of business communications. Milton is glad to have chosen to outsource this important business process to IT Channel.
On behalf of Milton, we wish IT Channel many more successful years to come.

CM Koo

Ex-Executive Manager | A world leading gaming and entertainment organization

IT Channel (Asia) Limited is an experienced service provider on BI solutions. Its professional service team is reliable and willing to do what is required to meet our project schedules. They have consistently met our expectations regarding quality and budget. The professionalism they displayed in handling complex situations has impressed me a lot.
Congratulations for the 10th anniversary of ITC!

Robin Kwong

Chief Information Officer | Trans Global Logistics Group Limited

IT Channel is one of the best IT solutions company that supports us with a wide range of IT services in Asia and in North America. Our first impression from meeting with their team was that they are energetic and enthusiastic. No matter how far away our service requests are from (India, USA or Indonesia), they always provide professional and cost effective solutions to cater for our immediate needs and long term missions. While ITC is very strong in IT infrastructure services, their system integration capabilities are also incredible. The latest successful implementation of our global integrated financial software solution illustrates their strength and passion to the customer. We expect to grow with the backing of ITC, and congratulations on ITC's 10th Anniversary.

Bosco Leung

Director (Application Management (ES3 Section) Information Technology Department) | The Prudential Assurance Company Limited

Congratulations to ITC on the 10th anniversary. I have been extremely pleased with the company. ITC has carried out our Data Warehouse project with the same conscientiousness as if it had been their own. Many thanks and best wishes for the future.

Robin Leung

Managing Director (Head of Global Information Technology Division) | One of the leading global investment banks in Hong Kong

IT Channel has been one of our closest working partners among the vast number of IT solution providers. As business partners, we both understand each others' standpoints as we build up our trusting relationship gradually. They are a responsible, reliable and flexible technology company with many great professionals working in different areas such as application development, infrastructure engineering and talents searching. As long as their company culture remains the same, we only see the positive continuation of our partnership in the years to come.

Lau Hon Wah

General Manager (Mobile Services & Solutions) | CSL Limited

IT Channel (Asia) Limited has been providing professional IT solutions and services to us for the past 10 years. The long term partnership has brought us great support in providing superior mobile experience for our customers, in particular in the hardware implementation. Their high degree of flexibility and dedicated efforts rendered are highly appreciated. Congratulations!

Susanna Shen

Head of IT | Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited

Congratulation to IT Channel on its 10th anniversary. Since 2006 when Towngas first engaged IT Channel on the Business Intelligence project, our business relationship has been strengthening. The trust built between the two parties has contributed to the successful completion of several projects in the past years. I am sure the great success and great team of IT Channel is attributed to its strong management team. My best wishes to IT Channel for another 10 years with great prosperity!

Andy Wong

Ex-Regional CIO | A Leading Sportswear Company

As a long-time customer of IT Channel, working with them in the past ten years, I found IT Channel is a very innovative, customer focus and World-Class IT Services company. Under Mr. Ken Chan and Mr. Ringo Hung's leadership, they are not only bringing the right products/service to my company, in fact they provided a solution to the problem. Their professionalism and competency in the field of Business Intelligence really stands out from their competition.

Cambridge Wong

Managing Director | Wealth Bridge Asia Limited

Congratulation to IT Channel on its 10th anniversary. As an early customer, I have witnessed its rapid growth, quickly becoming one of the top IT service providers in Hong Kong and winning a lot of prestigious customers in due course. To me, it is a unique and pleasant experience to deal with ITC. Over the years, they have helped me solving difficult IT problems in the direst situation several times. The experience is like calling friends for help and they will come straight away without second thought. Whenever I mentioned about ITC, my heart is full of gratitude and appreciation. I believe a lot of ITC customers have the same feelings.

Philip Wong

Executive Director (Information Technology Division) | One of the leading global investment banks in Hong Kong

More often than not, it is easy to find an IT company to offer box moving and trading type of service. However, it is extremely difficult to find an IT company like IT Channel that can share the same vision and goal with us. IT Channel is able to provide all-rounded solution to meet our business needs, from box moving to most complex data center move, from basic application installation to business intelligence consultation.
I look forward to make more success stories in our partnership.

Frank Yu

Executive Director | China Times Securities Limited

IT Channel is probably the best IT solution provider in Asia. They understood our needs and provided the most reliable and cost-effective solution to our company. Impeccable, Thorough, Competent. We trust them. Keep up the good work.
Happy 10th Anniversary!