Server & Desktop Virtualization

Our Services


Application process dependencies, data migration requirements, consolidation and migration strategy, risk and impact analysis, required SLA.


Architecture design, POC, sizing, and budget, Provisioning and cost.


Detail project plan and documentation.

Build & Project Management

Build according to defined SLA in each service category - GOS, Performance, RTO, RPO, Data Protection, Assess and Security, and provisioning lead time.


Monitoring of Network traffic, disk I/O, and vm/vd resource utilization. Management of Vm/vd reboot and backup scheduling. Regular failover and DR drills. Capacity planning.

Support and Maintenance

7 x 24 on-site support, system upgrade, periodic performance optimization.

Compliance & Goverance

Unstructured and semi-structured data governance

Review and generate audit trail of access of file share, Sharepoint, and eMail. Review and remediate data permission. Design file share hierarchy and data entitlement.

Secure File Sharing

Implement encrypted and controlled local and remote file sharing with granularcontrol of permissible operations on any type of file.


IT security policy definition and dissemination, sensitive data classification, detection and prevention of sensitive data leakage from network, storage, and end points.

Storage, Backup & Recovery

Technology Migration

Legacy backup tape conversion and migration to current best practice data backup and recovery solution.

Tailor-made Solution

Assess, design, plan, and implement data backup and recovery solution that fits budget and performance requirements.

Tuning and Management

Optimization of storage and backup system performance, Capacity planning and analysis.


Virtualize existing and new storage systems. Perform data migration.

DR and HA

Design and implement data replication and HA solutions according to RTO and RPO requirements.