Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse

The need of Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse is getting more important than ever in this age of information. The value of the Business Intelligence System is to project views of business operations to all levels of an organization in order to make better business decisions.

Our Services

Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solution is one of the most outstanding services that IT Channel provides. Our service team suggests the best solution based on customers’ requirements and its environment landscape with our solid experience on broad range of Business Intelligence tools and applications in order to provide neutral consulting Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Services.

  • Data Integration and Consolidation from various data sources
  • Data Cleansing & Profiling
  • Data Warehouse & Data Mart design and implementation
  • Data Warehouse performance tuning
  • Business Intelligence Platform design and implementation
  • Analytic Reports design and implementation
  • Predictive Analysis & Data Mining design and implementation
  • User training

The Team

Our team members are all off high professional qualifications

  • QlikView Professional
  • IBM Business Analytic (BI and Budget Planning) Professional
  • IBM Information Management (ETL, Data warehouse) Professional
  • IBM Financial Statement Reporting Professional
  • SAP BusinesObjects Professional
  • SAP Budget, Planning and Financial Consolidation Professional
  • SAP Data Integration and Data Warehouse Professional
  • Oracle BI, ETL, Data Warehouse Professional
  • Oracle Essbase, Hyperion Professional
  • Oracle TimesTen, Golden Gate Professional
  • Microsoft BI, SharePoint, SQL Server Professional
  • Informatica Professional
  • Roambi Professional

IT Channel - Industrial Data Mart

We consolidated our experiences and industrial knowledge gained from hundreds of solid Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing projects to develop “Industrial Data Mart.” Our products aim to provide rapid implementation to the organization on Business Intelligence enablement with industrial standard analytic features. To cope with the fast changing business and market trends, the high flexibility of modifiable and extendable data mart plays a significant role in the success of adapting to business change.

Our product – Industrial Data Mart is the core component facilitating the capability of the Business Intelligence system. With this Data Mart, many localized industrial specific analysis, particularly those for China and Hong Kong, are enabled without long running development effort, consuming both time and cost for the organization. Standard business report temples are also part of our product, providing easy, simple and direct access to the useful information for business analysis and decision-making.

The industrial Data Mart covers various range of industry including but not limited to

  • Retail
  • Logistic & Supply Chain
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial services and Insurance
  • Telecommunication

Each data mart includes industrial oriented key performance indicator (KPI) for its specific analysis. It brings origination benefit from Business Intelligence in a faster way by providing a blue print for a comprehensive data warehouse and the business intelligence applications running on it.

Our products, are not limited to the specific database vendor’s products, will be built on relational database such as Oracle, MSSQL, DB2, Sybase, MySQL etc. It also supports various Business Intelligence platforms. Some of the Business Intelligence platform support metadata layer, which translating technical detail to business understandable terminology, such as IBM Cognos, SAP BusinessObjects, Microsoft BI and Oracle BIEE. Our product will include this layer for this kind of Business Intelligence platform. Furthermore, report templates will also be built base on those Business Intelligence platform in order to enhance the ease of use of the analytic application. The report templates are identified as those commonly used for operational and analytic purposes.

Advanced Platform & Application Services

Our Advanced Data & Application Platform team is staffed with architects, consultants, and specialists that have extensive experience in the Advanced Data and Application platforms, covering the below functional services to our customers:

  • SLA Requirement Analysis
  • Solution Consultancy and Design
  • End-to-End Solution Implementation
  • DRP and drill test
  • Crisis Handling
  • Health Check & System Readiness Assessment
  • Remote system monitoring, and administration

Advanced Data Platform Services

Database Solution Design, Installations, and End-to-End Solution Implementations

  • Oracle RDBMS & RAC, IBM DB2, Sybase ASE, Sybase IQ, MS SQL Server

Database Management Services & Monitoring Solutions

  • Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Quest Spotlight & foglight

Database System High Availability & Disaster Recovery Solutions

  • Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC)
  • Oracle DataGuard & GoldenGate
  • IBM DB2 pureScale
  • IBM DB2 High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR)
  • Microsoft SQL Server with Windows Clusters
  • Microsoft SQL Server Database Mirroring and Replication
  • Quest Shareplex

Data Replication, Consolidation, Distribution

  • Oracle GoldenGate
  • Quest Shareplex
  • Sybase Replication Server

Data Extraction, Transformation, and Loading Platforms

  • IBM InfoSphere – DataStage
  • Informatica PowerCenter
  • SAP BusinessObjects Data Services

Database Tuning & Healthcheck

  • Packaged regular database healthcheck on Oracle RDBMS, Oracle RAC, Sybase IQ, and Microsoft SQL Server

Advanced Application Platform Services

Business Intelligence & Reporting Service Platforms

Advanced clustered BI solution platform for scalability & high availability

  • IBM Cognos Cluster
  • SAP BusinessObject Enterprise (BOE) Cluster
  • MSBI Cluster

Application Server Platforms

Advanced application server implementation, clustering, and tuning

  • IBM InfoSphere – WebSphere Application Server
  • Linux JBoss

Workflow, SOA, EAI, and Information Bus Platforms

Platform design, implementation, including deployment, tuning, and high availability

  • IBM InfoSphere – WebSphere MQ
  • Microsoft Sharepoint

Budget Planning & Consolidation

We are confident that we can stand out from our competitors by integrating financial and technical knowledge into our organization. Our focus is to provide financial solutions that enable our clients to gain growth. With the domain experts and hands-on experience in commercial environment, we can provide a tailored financial solution that fits your needs and expands your potential.

Our objective of planning and budgeting is to provide a concrete direction in achieving business targets and goals. Lots of tools and applications are designed to carry out the planning and budgeting process effectively and efficiently.

With the help from suitable tools and applications, planning and budgeting process could be carried out painlessly with the following additional advantages:

  • Effectively carried out planning and budgeting on tightly integrated office applications interfaces (Excel, Word, etc.)
  • Streamlining the planning and budgeting with logical business process flow
  • User are guided step by step through the business process flow
  • Single and comprehensive platform across various business functions
  • Allowing review/approval process to enhance the workflow management and identification of process bottlenecks
  • Enhancing control and consistence over various assumptions
  • Automatic projection of departmental expense based on quick and common modelling assumption
  • Allow what-if scenario analysis and version control
  • Provide speedy variance analysis and business insight

IT Channel offers various tools and applications to achieve a successful planning and budgeting. We help to optimize the process with our solid implementation experience on these helpful tools and applications

Recent Development on Planning Application – Sales and Operation Planning System ("S&OP")

One of our recent developments on planning application is the S&OP, which focuses on the manufacturing industry. The solution is intended to provide a quick and responsive platform for production planning. It is initiated by a demand forecast driven by sales and marketing forces and further attuned with the consideration of material and capacity constrain, lead time, performance target and on-time delivery requirement. The flexible modeling platform provided a “what-if” capability to the S&OP committee and other uses to quickly conclude the best scenario for the production function and being responsive to market changes. Detailed concepts on the solution could be referred to the following diagram.

Financial Consolidation

Changing and increasing regulations and demands for increased financial transparency burdened the financial department with the workload of preparing financial information. More time was spent on the routine preparation process rather than the focusing on analyzing the information. Financial Consolidation, being a critical process in providing the overview of the group’s financial performance and position as a whole, is indispensable for marking financial decision. Thus, timely and accurate production of consolidated financial information allows the group to response quickly and correctly to opportunities and threats, which is critical in determining the success of the group. IT Channel offers a range of solutions for consolidation of financial information to ensure data integrity and to fulfill the compliance requirement as well as gaining business insight. The solutions have the following features:

  • Shared online consolidation platform
  • Capable of integrating financial data across various ERPs/systems (SAP, Oracle, JDE, Excel, etc.)
  • Automatic ownership calculation for both simple and sophisticated cross-ownership group structure
  • Adjustment to change of consolidation scope
  • Intercompany balance reconciliation and elimination
  • Multi-currency consolidation for Multi-National Corporation
  • Multi-GAAP management
  • Journal adjustment on consolidation level
  • Users could access to the result seamlessly and simultaneously

Our successful experience in implementing the consolidation platform allows top management and users to stay focus on the analyzing of consolidated result and responds quickly and correctly to any potential opportunities and threats.

For our recommended solutions and its benefit, find out more in below: